Tokai University professor awarded medical fellowship

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Tokai University professor awarded medical fellowship

Dr Kagayaki Kuroda

MROX system installed at Tokai University: consisting of 1.5T closed bore magnet, operation room in the middle, and a X-ray CT suite right next to the operation room

Japan – Dr Kagayaki Kuroda, professor at Tokai University, was awarded “Fellow of the Society” from the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM) in May 2016.

He has engaged in research on the technology of measuring internal body temperature non-invasively using Magnetic Resonance (MR) imaging over the years. He focused on the phenomenon that the frequency of magnetic resonance signal obtained from hydrogen nucleus of H2O varies slightly (-0.01 ppm/oC) in response to temperature changes.

Dr Kagayaki Kuroda showed that this phenomenon affects intravital fluid as well. Also, he developed a technology to measure accurate and image-wise body temperature in nearly real time by analysis of frequency changes. This technology has been implemented to MR-guided focused ultrasound devices for clinical use, which is also actually used in a clinical practice for thermal therapy using laser and ultrasound, and has contributed to medical field.

Dr Kuroda and his team are now undertaking a research collaborating with many researchers from Japan and overseas. Current topics are: measuring temperature of breast which contains water and fat, measuring temperature of cartilages, visualisation dynamics of cerebrospinal fluid, and studying the safety use of self-contained medical devices at the time of the MRI exam.