QS Asia

Prize for research on women in diplomacy

United Kingdom – The Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy (CISD) at SOAS University of London and the Diplomatic Studies Section (DPLST) of the International Studies […]

Synestia, a new type of planetary object

United States of America – There’s something new to look for in the heavens, and it is called a “synestia”, according to planetary scientists Simon Lock […]

South Korea’s first self-driving vehicle debuts in the urban district of Seoul

South Korea – Vehicle Intelligence Laboratory (VILab) at Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Seoul National University took a huge step towards making self-driving vehicle one […]

FAST works toward sustainable future for family cars

Australia – A vision to build an efficient, practical family car fuelled by solar power is driving a Flinders University team to get their first entry […]

Groundbreaking advancement in medical magnetic robot

South Korea – The era of robots wandering inside a human body for medical treatments is about to face our generation. In his research “Magnetic Navigation […]

High performance computing deployed at Ton Duc Thang University

Vietnam – For scientific research and engineering programmes, computational resources are a critical part, and play an important role in preparing students for their careers in […]

Lifetime achievement award for UJ’s professor

South Africa – There was a proud moment for University of Johannesburg (UJ) at the NSTF-South32 Awards which was held in Gauteng on 29 June 2017: […]

Woodpeckers’ limbs inspire PolyU researchers to invent anti-vibration system

Hong Kong – In the construction industry, the long-term mechanical vibration experienced by workers operating mechanical systems may cause discomfort, fatigue, injuries and even occupational disabilities. […]

Carbon nanobelts synthesised for the first time at Nagoya University

Japan – It has been 60 years since the first attempts were made, but now scientists at Nagoya University in Japan have succeeded for the first […]

A clearer picture of the future city

Hong Kong – Large-scale urbanisation has resulted in soaring energy demand and denser buildings, followed by problems like urban heat island and smog. To build a […]