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Wearable device that warns of heart attack

United Arab Emirates – A multi-disciplinary team from the Khalifa Semiconductor Research Center (KSRC), a specialised research centre located at, and managed by, Khalifa University, has […]

Russian scientists at war with Zika Virus

Russian Federation – Researchers from Novosibirsk State University (NSU) have created the first detailed 3D model of Zika virus worked out by a Russian company Visual […]

The brain-eating amoebae and its fatal consequences

Malaysia – Professor Naveed Khan, head (academic) of the Department of Biological Sciences at the Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) at Sunway University recently conducted […]

Belarus university develops unique space frame construction technique

Belarus – Brest State Technical University scientists have developed, tested and successfully implemented a unique metal structural system “BrSTU” with nodes composed of hollow spheres. The […]

Watch out for comorbid depression, anxiety and stress disorders in chronic diseases

Bahrain – Psychological, behavioural and cultural profile influences the perception of patients to pain, and thus their ability to cope with it. As such, long-term illness […]

Safe barriers: researchers at the University of Graz develop alcohol-resistant medicine

Austria – Pharmaceuticals that release their active ingredient over a longer period of time contain higher amounts of drugs than medicines that release ingredients quickly. They […]

Artificial blood to help road traffic casualties and people awaiting a transplant

Poland – The team working on the development of blood substitute describe it as a milky-white odourless suspension and compare it to milk. Prof. Tomasz Ciach […]

Effat University receives patents for two inventions

Saudi Arabia – Under the affiliation of Effat University, an associate professor at the Electrical Computer Engineering department, Dr Mohammed Asmatullah Khan, was able to obtain […]

PolyU’s breakthrough realises world’s fastest optical communications for data centres

Hong Kong – Global data centres, companies’ brains where the most critical processes are run, serve as the backbone of Big Data and Internet of Things […]

First private university in Bahrain recognised for commitment to professionalism

Bahrain – The UK Higher Education Academy (HEA) has awarded fellowships to 17 academics from Applied Science University (ASU), Bahrain, with one being a senior fellowship. […]