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University of Santo Tomas “Pandan Queen” brings genus Pandanus from kitchen to research lab

The Philippines – In her search for plants that can be used medicinally, Prof Maribel Nonato, PhD, a distinguished academic and a respected researcher, came across […]

Smart glasses, bracelets and gloves

Taiwan – The interdisciplinary cooperation among the Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering, the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering and the Department of Industrial […]

Young university in Malaysia champions better biofuel implementation for ASEAN

Malaysia – The use of biofuel as an alternative is becoming increasingly controversial. A recent study by Prof DeCicco published in the journal Climatic Change has […]

SRM student’s innovation to provide hope for the hearing disabled

India – Two SRM engineering students of electrical engineering, Abhinav Gandhi and Aditya S Sripada, have embarked on a journey of hope for millions of hearing […]

Three new elements to be added to Mendeleev’s periodic table!

Russian Federation – From 26–30 September 2016 Ural Federal University and Ekaterinburg-EXPO center became the platforms for one of the major international scientific events in the […]

ILOVEBREAST wins MASCC Young Investigator Award

South Korea – Professor Kim Heejun at Chung-Ang University Hospital(CAUH) received Young Investigator Award at the 2016 Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer (MASCC) for […]

Minimalistic hand wearable that could revolutionise human–computer interaction

India – Two students, Abhishek Satish and Adarsh Warrier, from VIT University, Vellore, India, have created a very basic prototype glove that could control a light […]

Parasitic worms in your gut may actually do you good!

Malaysia – Parasitic worms are commonly regarded as harmful, and deworming has often been a strict norm, especially among urban dwellers. However, a recent discovery by […]

Universitas Indonesia setting example for eco-friendly innovation

Indonesia – Universitas Indonesia (UI) has produced four electric cars as well as a “Droplock Turnstile Gate” to reinforce its firm belief in eco-friendly innovation. UI […]

China Medical University chairman receives Outstanding Technology Management Award

Taiwan – Dr Chang-Hai Tsai, chairman of China Medical University (CMU), CMU Healthcare System and Asia University, has received the Outstanding Technology Management Award for his […]