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Research study finds deadly bug strikes in a day

Australia – A deadly bacteria that can be picked up by a simple sniff can travel to the brain and spinal cord in just 24 hours, […]
Down Syndrome

Chung-Ang University professor first to clarify mechanisms in white matter that cause developmental brain disorder

South Korea – A multi-institutional team of researchers discovered key abnormality affecting brain development in people with Down Syndrome (DS). Professor Kang Hyo-jung of the department […]
bone implants

The Bonesetter – reinventing implants using additive manufacturing

India – Total joint replacement has helped hundreds of thousands of people regain or maintain their functional independence and live fuller, more active lives. However, the […]

Robot to the rescue of coconut tree climbers

India – Coconut trees are integral to the lifestyle and economy of seaside towns. But climbing the coconut trees and plucking coconuts is a hazardous business […]
PCB prototyping

Amity faculty invents first-of-its-kind PCB prototype printing machine in India

India – The faculty at Amity University – recognised as India’s leading research and innovation driven university – has potentially found a solution to provide critical […]
Multiple sclerosis

Progress for progressive sufferers

New Zealand – Multiple sclerosis, or MS as it is more often called, is an autoimmune disorder causing nerve degeneration. There is no cure for the […]
Mobile learning

Leveraging mobile solutions to take learning beyond the classroom

Hong Kong – Identifying the potential of mobile applications to address pedagogical challenges, Professor Christopher Keyes of the Department of Music at Hong Kong Baptist University, […]

Cockroaches, vile but enlightening

Malaysia – A research work by Professor Naveed Khan of Sunway University, who was awarded the prestigious Pakistan Academy of Sciences (PAS) Gold Medal in November […]
bottle opener

Breaking the ice with bottle opener!

Russian Federation – A summer school project at the Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University has led to an interesting invention. With the help of […]

SibFU biologists have learned to type bones

Russian Federation – A team of scientists from Siberian Federal University is working to create bone structures from polyhydroxybutyrate – a fully biodegradable material, synthesised by […]