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monolayer semiconductor

International research team may have solved greatest materials science challenge

Taiwan – An important study conducted by an international research team that includes researchers from National Taiwan University (NTU) may have solved the greatest challenge in […]

India’s best private university for research and innovation

India – Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science (HITS) was awarded the “Best Private University for Research and Innovation of the Year” by Worldwide Achievers at […]
University of Babylon

Prime Minister revitalizes Iraqi entrepreneurial spirit

Iraq – The Prime Minister of Iraq has launched a new initiative that links private banks with universities. The government has allocated sums of money to […]

AIT reaffirms its position as leading research institute in Thailand

Thailand – As a non-full-fledged university, Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) entered in only 10 out of the total 36 disciplines assessed in the latest round […]

Durham student elected as chair of Commonwealth Youth Council

United Kingdom – Kishva Ambigapathy, a postgraduate student from Durham University in the UK, has been given the responsibility of engaging 1.2 billion of the world's […]

Poison in fish: chemists at the University of Graz discover new arsenic compounds in herring caviar

Austria – We know that potentially toxic trace elements such as mercury and arsenic can accumulate in saltwater fish. They are bound into organic compounds, which can then […]

Universidad Tecnolgica de Panam bags countrys first accolade in Solar Decathlon

Panama – The PANAMASS team of students, teachers and researchers from the faculties and research centers of the Technological University of Panama (UTP), with the support […]

Lithuanian scientist might have found a panacea

Lithuania – Starving children in Africa, old people suffering from Alzheimer's, meaningless deaths of young people infected with HIV, sharp rise in figures of people with diabetes over […]

Alzheimer’s disease hashed out at ILoveMyBrain

United Arab Emirates – Alzheimer's disease, currently the sixth leading cause of death in the United States and spreading alarmingly across the globe, can be combated […]

Bahrain’s genome project and personalized medicine era

Bahrain – We know, by observing across all areas of science, technology and medicine, that genomics has impacted over a couple of decades in new and profound ways […]